This Diwali, in the midst of one of the most competitive festival seasons in the last decade; the retail sales force has played the most mission critical role and has been the key success factor for CPG and FMCG organizations. They have gone out day after day, met their distributors and retailers, ensuring high degree of motivation, discounts, margins, volumes, stocking and merchandising.

This humungous and enhanced effort by hundreds of sales personnel has still not been enough for some brands to even match the relative performance of earlier years. Such a setback is not because of lack of effort or product quality rather it has been due to the leverage of mobile analytics by their competitors to improve sales processes and amplify outcomes. Mobile sales force automation (mSFA) has created a huge competitive imbalance by empowering sales team to produce extraordinary performances and a truly happy Diwali.

Accenture, Vxcceed, Ivy Mobility and WINIT are amongst the leading mSFA vendors globally across industries. While Accenture has been the partner of choice for industry leader, India-based WINIT’s mobile sales force automation solution has been winning global customers across 15 countries. P & G, Fonterra, Marico, Godrej, Colgate Palmolive, Haldirams, Nissin, Danone, Almarai, Redington are names of few of such companies. It has strong presence across India, Srilanka, Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Europe.

mSFA has been instrumental in automating sales processes and models, freeing up sales employees to focus on activities that generate more sales and revenue. mSFA has also been effective in helping sales managers and supervisors streamline activities for sales teams, keeping them up to date on products and services. Supervisors can access the performance of individual sales employees, sales figures, opportunities and other data used to determine sales success. Armed with information provided in real-time, supervisors can take action and make adjustments quickly to optimize efforts. Strategic Sales Force Automation is not only helpful in tracking critical information at a granular level but has also intelligently provides the right data and suggestions to help the field force ‘Sell Better’.

Availability of robust data and mobile analytics added another layer of productivity and efficiency to mSFA in the last few years. Analytics engine have helped companies in inventory, discounts, offers and route optimization. Studies show that 80% of all sales can be optimized through scientific distribution, trade promotion and everyday price, with scientific distribution alone accounting for 40% optimization. Incidentally, all three can be managed effectively by mobile sales force automation.

Stating about the importance for mSFA Prakash Sreewastav, CEO, WINIT said, “Companies need to look at adopting newer mobile technologies to empower sale force, which in turn will inevitably lead to the company’s profitability and growth goals. Sales Force Automation helped many companies move swiftly in embracing the advantages of technology, organizing their sales processes and empowering sales force. Larger companies like Hindustan Unilever, Colgate, Marico (to name a few), started the process of automation and digitization years ago; however, more and more companies which include both large entities as well as SMEs need to adopt the enriched and insightful mSFA technology. mSFA can help sales force of companies with systematic management and control facilitated optimization of sales, monitoring and objective review. It only helps in building the sales force team in the most optimum way possible which in turn brings in sales success.”