KeyPoint Technologies Launches Smart Themes for Xploree, its Multi-lingual Keyboard

Xploree, the AI powered multi-lingual keyboard by KeyPoint Technologies, has introduced the first-of-its-kind on a keyboard, Smart Themes . The idea is to show the user the most up-to-date information related to the things of interest, on the keyboard itself. 

The first Smart Theme that has been released to the users is the Cricket Smart Theme. Around 56% of Xploree users are interested in the sports category and as the user-base is mainly concentrated in India, it seemed only natural to start with a Cricket based Smart Theme. There are a lot of interesting elements like Live Theme Update, Persistent Notification, Floating Scorecard Widget and animations in the Cricket Smart Theme.  

When Live theme of Cricket Smart Theme is enabled, the keyboard skin changes when the match is live and reverts as soon as the match is completed. A floating widget appears on the screen that provides live score on top of any app being used by the user. Important events in the match (like 4s, 6s, wickets) are notified to the user on the keyboard in the form of animations. In addition to this there is also a persistent notification which provides live updates of the match. If multiple matches are happening at a time, the user can choose which match to follow. 

At present only Cricket Smart Theme is available to all users but other interesting smart themes will follow. Fitness is another Smart Theme which enables the user to fix their daily goal for fitness in terms of step count, distance and track it on the keyboard itself. Currently, fitness smart theme is available for beta version users only and it will be released to all users very soon. 

In addition to Smart Themes, Xploree discovers content based on the intent of the user in real-time, all the while ensuring the privacy of the user. It has Emojis, Stickers, Animated Themes, Gifs and allows one to create personalized themes and postcards. Xploree supports 180+ Global languages and 49 Indic languages for the Android Platform. 

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