India should take the role of South Korea to develop products: Chandrakant Salunkhe:

Mumbai: The innovative products and quality developed by South Korea are special in the international market. SME Chamber of India’s founding president Chandrakant Salunkhe said that India should take the role of South Korea to develop such quality and products.

Speaking on the occasion, “G-Fair” Korean production program was inaugurated at Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai on May 15, GBSA President and Chief Executive Officer John Kim, international relations campaigner Yunus Park, President of Korea, Mr. Dongyong Kim Was present

More than 90 Korean companies participate in this program with their producers. South Korea and India are the new financial centers. More than 600 companies in South Korea offer jobs in India. India has a huge opportunity to build new producers.Currently Indian people are using Korean objects in large numbers. eg Electrical goods, medical, furniture, school materials, such as freeze, TV, AC The Korean company has invested $2500 million in India. India has exported 4460.98 million dollars by 2018.

The economic level of the two countries of India and the Republic of Korea is increasing in the Asia region. The Republic of Korea and India have seen significant economic changes in the past two decades. These two countries have become the highest investment destination in the world from the economically low level. South Korean President Moon J. Maiden visited India. The trade relations between these two countries will be strengthened and new jobs will also be available to the youth in the country. The financial partnership between these two countries will be in different regions.To this day, development will help in one another in the fields of Defense, Marine Tim and Ship Building, Electronic, Infrastructure and reproduced energy. Moon J. Maiden made this statement, which should be paid attention to how innovation can be done in these two countries.

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