‘Har Avsar Shubh Avsar’ Campaign Breaks Jewellery Stereotypes

Shubh is a reputed high-end jewellery store in Raipur, Chhattisgarh. It recently launched a campaign that beautifully captures the emotions and cultural significance attached with jewellery. The campaign is called ‘Har Avsar Shubh Avsar.’

Shubh, Managing Director, Siddharth Baid, said, “One of our challenges was our brand name. Everyone knew us as Shubh Diamond, and thoughts of our store as one where affordable jewellery cannot be bought. AAMA broke this misconception through online and offline marketing activities. These days, people are more aware of Shubh (we did away with the word ‘Diamond’ in the brand name) and the fact that we offer a wide range of designs, and we are not your run-of-the-mill jewellery store.”

Conceptualized by A&A Marcom Agency (AAMA), this campaign talks about the social, cultural and religious occasions in our country of which jewellery is an integral part. It also highlights the importance of special events in one’s personal life, for instance, graduation day or first day on the job, etc, and how jewellery can be a great way to felicitate such moments. The campaign has successfully brought to the fore the celebration of life itself through the expression of jewellery. In the process, it is also breaking the myth that buying or wearing jewellery should be restricted to a handful of events throughout one’s life. The templatized use of jewellery needs to be broken.

AAMA, Creative Head, Sachin Sharma, said, “Based on our understanding of the industry and the general attitude towards jewellery, we thought of trying to break the age-old norms associated with these products. We wanted to highlight the celebratory aspect of buying a pair of earrings, or the expressive aspect of wearing a necklace on a special day. These occasions become memories for life and jewellery becomes an inseparable part of these memories. ‘Har Avsar Shubh Avsar’ was a result of this understanding.”

The success of the campaign can be attributed to the changing attitudes of the people in general, even in the mid-to-old age sections. Indian customers today are not afraid to experiment and explore, they are more in touch with their style choices with respect to jewellery designs. This is a good sign for the industry and the customers as well.

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