– ‘Religion teaches ABC of God, it sets the foundation of spirituality’ – explains Atman in Ravi 

BANGALORE, Dec. 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ —  The latest book from Atman in Ravi, titled ‘Religion! is the Kindergarten to Spirituality!!’ will take one towards understanding and realizing God, by showing how most people are stuck in the dictates of religion – rituals, superstitions, and dogmas – while failing to graduate in their journey to Spirituality.

Religion, A Kindergarten to Spirituality

Religion exists and is followed in faith by many. A Religion could mean many things to a person. It may mean that they just follow it casually or they can be devout in their religious practices, following every ritual, superstition, and dogma. Religion teaches about the existence of God, the Creator, one who is a supernatural power. It also instills the belief that this God can heal, cure and make dreams come true. As children, religion helps build our faith in God.

A vast majority, over 80% of humanity follows a Religion, so it seems obvious that the world needs Religion. Religion is needed as it helps inculcate ethical or moral values in people’s minds. Religion is also needed for one major activity of humanity – Prayer. Human beings pray because of needs – wishes to be fulfilled or for the resolution of problems. Thus, people go to a church, a mosque or a temple. Obviously, there is a Power, and each Religion believes that its God is the one who is governing the universe. The belief that Religion will bring happiness, peace and eventually, either get people to heaven or deliver them from all their sins, makes them think that it is absolutely necessary to follow a Religion. Otherwise, they would be deemed to be miserable, or so it seems.

This book by Atman in Ravi invites anyone who seeks true happiness to spend more time contemplating Spirituality, eventually renouncing all the myths, the rituals, the dogmas and the superstitions of Religion. To become Spiritual, one does not have to be highly religious. Spirituality is about questioning the belief system, starting from religions, scriptures, and everything that is connected with people’s faith in God. Spirituality is about asking questions and investigating what is unknown until we realize the Truth. It is being passionate about God and Liberation and nothing else. While a Spiritual person lives in this world as a normal person, the fact is that a Spiritual person evolves to realize that he is not the body, mind, or ego, but the Atman, the Spirit or Soul. We are a manifestation of the Divine. This book is written with the intention to help people realize that the ultimate goal is to be liberated from all misery and sorrow and be in union with the Divine. 

Spirituality helps graduate beyond Religion to realize the Truth that there is only one Universal Power – the Creator who is realized as God. This book will help one grow from the kindergarten of Religion and evolve until they spiritually graduate and Realize the Truth. They will be liberated from misery and suffering and will attain the Ultimate Goal of Life, Eternal Peace, Everlasting Bliss, and Happiness.

We need Religion, though it is full of myth,
To realize God, we can do nothing without it.
It makes us have Faith in God, and takes us to His door,
But it is Spirituality that makes us cross the shore.
– Atman in Ravi