– #IGIBillionSmiles contest is all the rage this season

– IGI Natural diamonds are adding smiles this cricket season

MUMBAI, India, Nov. 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — It is a well- known fact that cricket is the glue that binds 1.3 billion Indians and keeps them hooked to their TV screens. It is joy shared by Indians everywhere in the world.

International Gemological Institute (IGI) is right up there, playing its part to bring smiles on the face of every Indian. Its #IGIBillonSmiles contest is running concurrent to the on-going cricket season. In a very brief span, it has become all the rage. Participation in the contest is increasing exponentially, and participants are hoping to win IGI certified billion-year-old natural diamonds in addition to enjoying lusty hitting and pulse-stopping cricket encounters.

The #IGIBillionSmiles contest is a hot and trending topic on all social media platforms. The format of the contest is really simple. Participants are called upon to predict winners, and they stand a chance to win a glorious diamond. To add variety, participants can also share their favourite cricketing moments by uploading their photos. Unique entries are rewarded with IGI-certified natural diamond. 

“It’s the cricket season and the spirit of the game calls for a celebration through these times among all Indians. With the IGI Billion Smiles Contest, we intend to keep the spirits of our fellow cricket lovers at a high, who are now uniting to spare a moment to appreciate the people who make their lives beautiful,” said Tehmasp Printer, Managing Director and President, IGI.

#IGIBillionSmiles contest is a remarkably easy and exciting way to win a natural diamond. Be it stressed that a natural diamond is a wonder of wonders; it is at least a billion years old. There is no other joy comparable to wearing a natural, pre-historic diamond certified by IGI.

#IGIBillionSmiles contest allows billions of Indians to win an IGI-certified natural diamond every day. The contest is LIVE till 10th November 2020. Till now, 53 winners have been announced and daily new winners get added to this list. The apex certification body is thus giving Indians plenty of reasons to smile and celebrate life.

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IGI is considered the ultimate name in the grading and certification arena. With its state-of-the-art equipment, laboratories and trained staff, IGI is well-positioned to give consumers only authentically validated merchandise. No wonder, IGI-certified diamonds and jewelry inspires trust. Consumers find it easy to trust neutral, third- party certification for unbiased rating and quality.

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