AiR’s e-book titled ‘Let go of your Ego and you will find God’ explains that it is one’s very own Ego that stops them from realizing God. One’s biggest enemy – ‘ME’, the Mind and the Ego, envelops one in ignorance and they go round and round in circles without discovering God within.

Let go of your Ego and you will find God

The book talks about the fact that each one is not just the gross physical body that has two eyes to see, two ears to hear and a mouth to talk. They also have a software that drives the body to act. It is MIME – the Mind, Intellect, Memory, and Ego. Just like a computer cannot function only with the hardware and software, but also needs a power supply to boot it, a body needs power too, to energize it. The life force within is the Soul – the Divine life energy. Without the Soul, one is nothing, but sadly, ego conceals this truth and people live and die in ignorance without realizing, ‘I am not I’.

As one traverses the journey of the ego, they will realize how it masks the truth and makes them suffer. For this, one must go into an in-depth study of the ego, what exactly it is and how it works. This book will transform life. It will show the way to God just as it will guide on how to let go of Ego. It will open the door to eternal peace and everlasting joy. If only one lets go of ego, they will move from Self-realization to God-realization and will realize God within. 

AiR says, “Each one of us has an ego that comes alive once we become conscious of ourselves. This is my body, my hand, my nose. ‘This book is mine, the car is mine, the house is mine. That’s my mother, my father, and my sister.’ Our ego starts dominating our life as we start identifying ourselves with our family, our society, and our loved ones. But all through our life, till our last breath, we keep on believing that we are the ego. We live and die in ignorance as we are lost in the myth which we are taught. We just believe this lie till we die.”

” Most people don’t realize a secret,



It is our very own Ego that stops us from realizing God “- AiR

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About the author – AiR

AiR – Atman or the Soul in Ravi, is an embodied Soul whose only mission in life is to help people realize the Truth. He was born in Bangalore on October 15, 1966. As a part of the humanitarian initiative (, a charitable hospital and charitable homes were set up. Today, over 600 homeless and suffering people are served and cared for in our destitute homes and provided with free shelter, food, clothing, and medical care.

A Shiva Temple ( ) was built in the year 1995 in Bangalore which is now known as the Shivoham Shiva Temple. AiR now believes that religion is just a kindergarten to Spirituality, and we all have to go beyond religion to truly realize God. One day, his Guru provoked him to introspect: What is the purpose of life? Is life just meant to seek pleasures and to live and die without any purpose? What happens after death? Will we be reborn? Where is God? Several questions like these took him on a quest, a search for the Truth. He gave up his life of Achievement and Fulfilment in search of the final peak of life: Enlightenment. After a few years of intense search in retreat, deep in the mountains, he realized that we are not this body or mind but the Divine Soul, the Atman. He metamorphosed to AiR – Atman in Ravi and gave up his entire life as RVM and started living as an instrument of God doing ‘His Divine Will’. AiR has dedicated his life to helping people realize the Truth.

With AiR’s own Realization, he has authored several books, composed bhajans, blogs, quotes, poems and taken up several other initiatives that can direct people towards the Truth and eradicate the ignorance that they live in. His vision, now, is to help people to Ask, Investigate, and Realize the Truth.