With the advent of Lockdown and Social Distancing, it is evident that events are farsighted and we for now have no clarity when the organizations will get out and celebrate the achievements and honor the annual RnR. What we have learnt in the corporate world is “what needs to be done, needs to be done”. Keeping this is mind, here are few tips of how we can still ring-in the RnR and lift the morale high post this lockdown.

We as an SME shall come together to identify ways of executing RnR events and ways to engage and reconnect with our employees.

Here are my viewpoints on the same. The first step is to recognize that the whole R&R experience can be completely gamified. The second is to realize that the programs can be made available to the employees through mobile apps, or other platforms. The aim of the exercise is to ensure that the programs which are designed are aimed to conduct the R&R program within the office while everyone is seated at their desks without gathering them all together and maintaining the extended social distancing if any. The goal is primarily to honour the right people at the right time irrespective of the social distancing and budgets.

Conducting this kind of RnR within the office, saves a lot on the venue cost, Food and Beverages cost, transport and travel cost. Plus the Key purpose is achieved and employees can enjoy valuable rewards. 

Only 4 members of the Leadership Team gather either in their office or on the stage of their inhouse auditorium or conference room. From where they are webcast, and each employee on their machines see this RnR live on their screens. 

We recommend Three E’s to be considered while designing the program:

  • Engagement
  • Experience
  • Empowerment

While engagement is about the mind, the experience is about the heart, and empowerment is about the soul.

It is actually the digital part of the program, which would provide the employees with a greater sense of control and flexibility, and which would eventually lead the effective engagement, delightful experience, and empowerment. 

Because it is only when the employee is put at the centre of the organization, will any R&R program bear results. And that requires that the organization understand the employee.

Do leave your thoughts in the comments section and do share if you agree rewarding our HEROES.

About Author:

Prakash Khetpal – Founder at Grasshopper Events & Communication, Corporate Event Consultant.

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