When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. 

Special circumstances need special actions, that is what we have to do in the current situation of nation wide lockdown all over India. Let me share some of my suggestions and opinions with you all : 

Don’t waste this time : We are having an overdose of news and information from newspapers, tv channels, whatsapp, internet etc. Don’t take overdose of CORONA news all the time. Just watch the new 1 or 2 times a day or 2 to 3 times a day on whatsapp. If we overdo it we will get into a state of mental corona which will not be helpful to anyone. 

Don’t be nervous : We have won Wars, Polio, Earthquakes, Demonetization, GST implementation and what not in history. This too will pass. At the end humanity always wins. Don’t take too much pressure and increase pressure on your staff and family. 

Have a positive mindset : If you are not smiling and keeping a positive attitude, you will not be able to help your family at home and team in business. Think of this time as a resent button in your life. Think of this time as taking 2 steps back to go ahead for a giant leap in the near future. 

This is the test of your Leadership : If you are not with your team and your team is not with you in these tough times, just think and introspect what kind of a team you have built. Talk to them as much as you can. Tell them the truth, they will understand. 

Plan for what best your team can do at this time : Rather than thinking that you will have to pay to your staff without work, plan tasks for them. Tell them to enjoy this time. Don’t create unnecessary pressure on them even if they are not as productive to you as they are in normal circumstances. This time will show you a different side of your staff. 

Plan Staff Salaries : If you are not in a position to pay your staff in these tough times, plan when and how you can do it when the situation is normal. Be true to your staff and explain them the situation and take them along with you. Pay them partly now and rest later. If you cannot, ask them that you will do it later as soon as the situation is normal. Any kind of solution can be worked out if planned in a proper way. 

Don’t think of Layoffs : If in these times you layoff and fire your staff members, don’t expect loyalty from them in the future. This is a temporary phase but if you do not act responsibly this can cause a permanent damage to your business and brand value. Analyse your numbers, check on what cash you are sitting right now. Send a message to your team, talk to them and tell them the reality. Everyone will understand in this situation. 

Check the GAPs in your Business : This crises will expose the problems in your business. It exposed a lot of issues to me with my staff members and a lot of mistakes in my business management. See why you are not having contingency funds in your business. Do a SWOT Analysis of your business practices, you have the right time for it right now. 

Are you too dependent on external conditions? : Is your business dependent on China a lot. If yes, this is a time for you to plan diversification in your business. Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket ! 

Stay connected : Talk to your old clients about the business situations. Discuss with them how are you planning things for future in your business. If they are canceling orders, give them good discounts to protect yourself. Become innovative with your pricing models. Be kind to yourself and people around you, talk to your friends, spend quality time with your parents, kids, relatives. 

Improve yourself : Pickup that old hobby, read, learn new things, do online courses, learn new skills, explore new markets. You have the time now, to do thing that you always wanted to. 

GO Digital : This is the best time to promote your business as people have all the time in the world to be online and understand your business. They are spending more time on internet then before. Change the tone of your messaging in these times with your audience, but don’t go off internet and kill your presence. 

I would conclude by mentioning that its time to ask ourselves “Can we all as a Nation be an Option to China for the world?”. Should we still be dependent so much on external factors. Should we now not improve our manufacturing capacities. There are a lot of leanings from this crises for us, our employees & our governments. 

Check out this video of mine on this topic :

About Author:

Karan Garg – CEO, IFW Techno Creations Pvt. Ltd.

A professional Keynote speaker on various topics like Digital Marketing, ERP Implementations, Computerization and Automation, Entrepreneurship, E-Commerce and Personality Development. Have 15+ years of experience in building an IT Solutions Company from scratch which has a team of 30+ professionals & successfully growing it with 2000 plus client base in many states of India. His company IFW Techno Creations Pvt. Ltd. is based in Udaipur, Rajasthan providing IT Solutions in Digital Marketing, Web Solutions, E-Commerce, ERP Solutions for Schools, College & Universities of India.